Cardle - a card and a candle in one

The idea for the Cardle originates with the premature birth of our daughter. The uncertainty surrounding her future prompted our decision to delay sending a birth announcement until we were certain we could bring her home in good health. Once we had brought her home with us, we sent out a ‘welcome home’ announcement for her. This announcement gradually developed into the Cardle. A card that can carry emotions beyond words, whether it'd be intense sadness or extreme happiness.

When words fall short, send a light.
Cardle: a card and a candle in one.
The Cardle is the perfect canvas for sending a warm greeting: a unique card with a patented folding system which folds easily into a candle holder. A bright idea, to bring back a touch of warmth in this digital age. The Cardle’s patented folding system is smart and simple: there is no need for scissors or glue, and once folded the Cardle cradles the candle safely and securely, eliminating the need for a separate candle holder.

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