A pure and honest brand
Out of passion for the preciousliquid, Claudia Pharand and Daniele Beauchamp founded Olive&Olives in Montreal in 2003. They import and distribute carefully selected oils directly from artisanal producers and cooperatives that qualify for the appellation: “Appellation d’origine contrôlée,” which signifies they meet the highest local standards. Another characteristic of Olive&Olives is that they are trying to promote oils from other "terroirs" than Italy since italian oils had been "monopolizing" the canadian market until that point.

The main intention behind Olive&Olives' identity was to create a clear perception shift and separation with any other olive product producer and distributor on the canadian market at that time. And because of the italian "monopoly", it meant mainly that the identity should stay away from what "italian" typically projected from an image perspective i.e. classic, traditional and filled with antique references.
In short, they wanted something fresh, contemporary and clean, and like their products, they wanted their identity to speak purity, high quality and honesty.

The mindset was to bring everything back to the essence and one of the idea was to use only typography as a response to the heavily illustrative standard in the olive oil segment, but still we wanted to have some kind of reference to the raw product. After a series of studies, we realised we could successfully integrate a reference to olive leaves in the 2 "v" which would create a metaphor for the olive branch with the overall elongated look, the 2 "O" as olives and the 2 "v" as leaves. The logo was born.

We stayed true to our original mindset for the rest of the identity by being very straight forward and minimalist from business cards to retail signage. Even the packaging for the Olive&Olives line follows the same principle, creating a recognisable and ownable signature across all touchpoints of the brand.

Today, Olive&Olives grew to become an established brand with 3 stores and multiple selling points in the Montreal region and franchises in Quebec city and Toronto.

Photos by Drew Hadley

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